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Take your time on this page. It contains a wealth of information, and you will learn about what to expect during your senior photo session, what to wear, and much more.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.



Senior Photos: The Experience

The Senior Photo Shoot is something that you’re going to remember your whole life, and that’s why we want to make that experience a great one! How often are you the center of the day? When you shoot with Andy, you’re what matters.

You’re encouraged to bring your personal style to the shoot. Think about the clothing you like, your interests (bringing musical instruments or sports-related items is great!), and what style you like to play around with. We happily encourage your feedback and input in the creative process. Are you into urban, rural, grunge, alleys, railroad tracks, etc.?




It’s About You

You are the one who will have your photos for life, so you might as well love the photos we create!

The great thing about digital photography is how easy it is to make multiple versions of the same photo. You can easily have a black and white version , grunge version, faded vintage look, and anything else we can come up with. Andy is great with post-processing software to get just the look you’re looking for.


 Three Steps to Your  Senior Photo Shoot

Step 1

Schedule your shoot.

Step 2

Shoot your Photos

Step 3

View and Order

It’s that easy!  Read on to learn more about preparing for your shoot, and the different options we provide.



The Signature Session

For the senior who wants it all, look for Packages and Pricing below to take a look at our Signature Session.  The intent of the session is that professional model experience for a day. You and your parent will be pampered and treated like royalty!


What to Wear

We are aiming at looks that are stylish and fun for you. Nothing screams “bad senior picture” like wearing an outfit that you hate!

Some clothing looks better than others on-camera. It’s hard to go wrong with solid colors. In fact, it’s a great idea to bring along a plain white and plain black shirt just in case. They go with everything. We shoot just about everything outdoors, and mid-toned colors are a solid choice.

Patterned-clothing is hit or miss. By all means, bring your favorites, but keep in mind that not everything looks great on camera. If it’s not going to work, we’ll find something that does.

Pull-overs, scarves, shawls, leather jackets and other outer-wear is easy to toss on, and can provide a whole new look in seconds.

Printed tee-shirts should be left at home since they tend to look dated as the years roll by. Worn clothing can be a good addition if you’re looking for an edgy or grunge kind of look.

It’s nice to have a formal change of clothes. Ladies, prom or homecoming dresses with the proper accessories make great photos. Guys, A sports jacket is timeless and classy.

Sports and band uniforms are good choices. Also consider dance costumes, cheerleading outfits, cowboy boots and hats, and anything else that shows who you are and what you do.

Your photos will be hanging around for years to come, so think of whether or not you’d like to be seen in that same outfit in 10 years. If not, it’s probably good to go with another choice.

What to Bring

Seniors often wonder what to bring to their photo shoot. Here’s a helpful list to get you started:

  • Clothes, clothes, and more clothes! We might not use it all, but bring it along so we have plenty of choices.
  • Accessories: Highlight your sports, music, drama, and other interests during your shoot.
  • Beauty/Grooming supplies:Your favorite brush, comb, or touchup makeup comes in handy.
  • Musical Instruments, Sports gear, you name it!
  • Your favorite music. Set the tone with your favorite tunes.

Please leave behind anything that is a potential distraction. Please, no dogs or cats on-location unless previously discussed. If your phone rings off the hook, consider silencing it while we are working together.


Here are the session options that we currently offer.

    • $249
    • The Basic

shoot at select locations
unlimited wardrobe changes
up to 1 hour shoot time

    • $349
    • The Pro

shoot at your choice of location
unlimited wardrobe changes
up to 2 hours shoot time
10% off prints

    • $499
    • The Signature

shoot at your choice of location
unlimited wardrobe changes
up to 3 hours of shoot time!
20% off all prints
Take your shoot anywhere!
(See details below)


Why go with The Signature?

Great question!

Senior photos don’t have to be just about getting a usable photo for your yearbook. In fact, the best part about your senior shoot is the experience and memories that you’ll have forever! Treat yourself to the full model experience…scenic locations, professional hair and makeup to give your images that extra pop…and that’s not even mentioning the amazing photos you’ll walk away with!

When you choose The Signature, you will get the ultimate experience! We’ll go wherever you want to shoot for a full 3 hours of shooting time.  Additionally, hair and makeup will be done by one of the many licensed, professional hair and makeup artists here in the Denver Metro area.

We can split up your 3 hour shoot however you like, with different locations possible. Do you want an hour in my professional studio space? Get that high fashion look with professional indoor studio lighting on a variety of indoor sets. Perhaps you’d like to shoot in a scenic mountain meadow? Let’s do it!

Note: Travel time outside the metro area will be compensated at $30 per hour, each way, other expenses such as entry fees to special locations are to be taken care of by the client.



Extra shooting time: Billed at $30 per half hour.

Makeup and Hair by professional MUA: $65 (Rate my vary.  Subject to availability of MUA)

Travel time:  Extra travel time out of the Denver Metro area is subject to a $30 per hour fee, each way.


The Photo Reveal/Ordering Meeting

About a week following your photo session, you’ll be invited in to come in and view your senior photos.  You will get to see a few examples of fully edited and retouched photos as well as the rest of the photos that came out of the session.  During this time, you will sort out and pick your favorite photos.  This is a fun time because you, your parent, and Andy will get to spend time viewing everything and remembering entertaining moments that happened during your shoot.

During this meeting, you get to choose which photos you will order prints of, and make a selection of which photo you’d like to submit to the yearbook.  When selecting photos for ordering, there is no minimum order.  You may select one of our pre-priced packages, or create a package of your own with our convenient ala carte menu.

Prices for prints are tied directly to the current specials of our photo vendors. We do our best to bring you the best prices possible. The average senior spends between $300 and $1000 on prints. Below is a sampling of products that are available.

Wallet prints 11x14s Canvas Giclee Prints Video Slideshows
4x6s 16×20 Wall Print Photo Books Signature Wallet Books
5x7s 20×30 Wall Print Acryllic Art Prints Graduation Announcements
8x10s 15×30 Panoramics Facebook Photos iPhone/Android Galleries

Once your order is placed and paid for, the selected photos will be fully retouched and your order will be placed.  Expect approximately 10 days before your photos arrive.  Large or specialty items may take longer to produce, which typically results in longer shipping delays.

Thank You!

Thank you for choosing Winn Photography for your senior photo shoot.  We look forward to serving you and making sure you’re happy with your shoot and the images we make.  Contact Andy to get started soon, since availability is limited!